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Queer of Colors Dreams in the Era of White Gay Homonormativity

Anonymous said: Friendly reminder that you are the product of heterosexuality :)









Friendly reminder that not all parents are heterosexual or cis :)

Friendly reminder that non-cis people & non-het people are perfectly capable of reproducing :)

Friendly reminder that cis people are absolutely not necessary for the continuation of the human race :)

Friendly reminder that you are not obligated to unconditionally respect anyone. Not even your parents :)

Yes. As a queer mother I say yes to all of this.

Well yes and no. True, not all parents are heterosexuals. However, as a species we do reproduce heterosexually. A human child requires a sperm to enter an egg in order to create a fetus. Whether this is artificially done or not, it is heterosexual reproduction. So, you, I and everyone else on this planet are the product of heterosexual reproduction, whether or not heterosexual intercourse was actually involved.

Wow okay “heterosexual reproduction” is not an acceptable synonym for sex. I mean you literally took the proper term (sexual reproduction) & attached hetero- in front of it lmao. You are blatantly attempting to keep heteronormativity intact at all costs & I’m going to need you to hush.

Stop forcing cishet terms onto non-cis non-het couples.

You do realize that LGBT accounts for like 4% of the population right? The chances are that your parents where straight and that their parents where straight
By straight I mean not trans and heterosexual

1. Cite your sources when you want to throw around stats or get them out of my face.

2. I don’t care about the conservative estimation of the world’s LGBTQ+ population anyway. My own parents are irrelevant. None of this invalidates any of the points listed above.

There was not a single thing hetero about the conception of my child, their gestation or their birth. Because their parents, two of whom happen to be their gamete donors, were not cis, or het, at any point in the process. Still aren’t.

when you tie heterosexuality and by extension strict sex/gender categories to specific cells within the body, all you are doing is just the same, tired old biological essentialism. Its trite, its false, and its boring as hell. 

cis ppl LIKE WTF?? HOW R U GUYS EVEN REAL. fucking low-tier demons who literally only show themselves in order to attempt to cause more suffering jfc

Anonymous said: dear social justice spiderman, what do you think of straight people's feelings



Liberalism, academia, and supremacy co-opting and seeping into radical organizing and politics to nullify their power and water down their message angers me. The face and politics of these movements are becoming white college kids who “Check Their Privilege”, love TEDtalks, refrain from saying “Bitch”, & little else. Empty buzzwords like “equality” & “Diversity” are used to silence and manipulate marginalized people and to FORCE representation and leadership of bigots and oppressive assholes in safe spaces and organizing movements. It is all centered around oppressors and coddling ignorance and bigotry, & telling them they did nothing wrong, they are just luckier than others. I just can’t with it, man. Can’t with the arrogance and entitlement and lack of empathy. I can’t with the continued subguation and dismissal. Fuck pandering, fuck nicities, fuck “privilege”, fuck respectability, fuck allies.

US man guilty of shooting trans woman he met on Craigslist



He shot her six times.

Six mother fucking times.

After sex.

Six times.

Once and claiming it was an accident or something, plausible.

Six motherfucking times.

He used her for sex, then tried to murder her in cold blood. Trans women of color’s bodies are literally disposable fucktoys to white cis men.

Remember this mans name, burn it into your head. When he gets out of prison, and he will in 4 years. Remember his name, what he looks like. If you see him, remember what he did and why. 

And the next time someone gets mad at a trans woman saying die cis scum. Think of this. This is why. You fuckers.

This is so sickening and heartbreaking. :(  And it’s important for people to see these stories because they need to know this is so often what happens when trans women are murdered and then the murderer claims “trans panic” because they know the narrative in society & what cis people “know” to be true is that cis men don’t know we’re trans and then murder us out of fear/panic.  Besides that that’s not an excuse even if it was the situation, usually it’s NOT.  Usually they KNOW we’re trans, they consider us totally disposable, and that they can date us/sleep with us/associate with us and then kill us when we’re no longer useful to them (or for their own shame/guilt/whatever), and then they claim that they didn’t know and we “trapped” them and other BS, and people believe it. 

I remember when Angie Zapata was murdered and her killer claimed that he didn’t know she was trans and freaked out, etc… and even before the trial, everybody just BELIEVED IT.  And the whole discussion, even among some trans communities, was about disclosure and trans women being “risky”,and somebody pointed out “wait, WHY are we believing a murderer!?”  And even AFTER the trial, when he was found guilty, that he lied, that he did know, SO MANY PEOPLE STILL remember it as her not disclosing.  Just look at the comments on anything about the case now online, so many people did not care how the trial ended they already had their narrative in mind and they “knew” what they wanted to believe.

Again, it’s never the victim’s fault even if the cis dude didn’t know she was trans.  But the whole “trap” narrative is important to dispel because a) in many cases it still works to help murderers dodge justice b) it’s a misgendering narrative and encourages people to view us as a gender we’re not c) it frames us as a danger to cis people d) it encourages people to treat us as disposable because they have a narrative they think will protect them e) it plays into sexist, homophobic, and transmisogynist narratives where cis straight men cannot control their impulses, and whatever they do is the fault of somebody else for provoking them f) it promotes a false reality of the world and obscures the real issues and motivations behind the way trans women are treated.  And it’s important that people actively fight this false narrative for all of those reasons, in every way, even the small ways like opposing transmisogynist humor, because it’s society going along with the “trap” narrative that empowers people to believe they can get away with murdering and hurting us because the narrative is there to hide behind.

(Source: projectqueer)

Five step test for privilege

Membership: I am a member of a social group that is dominant through no action of my own, nor through being mistaken for a member of that social group.

Stigma: I do not have stigma attached to me along that axis of oppression

Innocence: I am not looked to as the cause of problems in a social group.

Worthiness: I am presumed worthy of a social group’s trust and wealth.

Competence: I am expected to be skillful, successful, and autonomous.

Being mistaken for something does not make actually that thing.

Privilege is not lost: it is denied, it is taken, it is blocked. One cannot lose it, one is simply denied access to it, and that denial can only happen when one is removed from ones cultural milieu (thus changing who gets what privilege) or by not actually being a member of that social group that is privileged.

Benefiting from privilege is not the same thing as possessing that privilege.

This is why trans people cannot have male privilege, why bi people cannot have straight privilege, and why cis people (both men and women) do.

If you happen to disagree with this, that is fine, but you have to prove that they do possess that privilege with the above in mind ( those are the aspects of privilege).

This is how privilege works; it is the antithesis of stigma. To understand privilege, you must understand stigma.

Transness (gender Identity dysphoria, GID, transsexualism, gender identity disorder, etc) is not a mental illness, and has a scientifically established basis, and is treatable.


"I don’t blame men, I blame patriarchy" okay, well, enjoy your alternate universe where men aren’t the primary beneficiaries, perpetuators, and enforcers of patriarchy, I guess

Anonymous said: Do you believe you shouldn't fight fire with fire?


Well real life firefighters use fire in controlled burns in order to limit the damage that wildfires can cause, sometimes even on wildfires that are already in progress. They literally do fight fire with fire.

When applied to social situations like “homophobia versus heterophobia”, one side it like a massive raging wildfire that has killed millions of people, and the other side is like….the warm breeze out of your laptop’s cooling vents.

So no matter which way you take it, the “don’t fight fire with fire” argument is nonsense.